Bank of Queensland

Past Situation

Bank of Queensland (BOQ) had only 11% share of the Queensland banking market. Unprompted awareness of BOQ in Queensland was only 33%. People didn't know a lot about Bank of Queensland. 46% claimed they didn't know the bank or had never heard of them. The bank had a confused stance. The marketplace didn't know about owner managers. Consideration was low and likeability was low at only 7% of non customers.
There was no clear brand strategy or positioning, inconsistent presentation of the brand through advertising, and a new campaign virtually every 6 months.

BOQ tended to adopt a more negative advertising approach - telling people what they don't like about other banks then offering themselves as a solution. All of these campaigns failed to have an impact.

BOQ's Guiding Philosophy


Bank of Queensland's Guiding Philosophy and Manifesto reflect the unique Owner Manager model.

Bank of Queensland Manifesto

It’s not just about doing it differently to the other banks.
It’s not just about being a real alternative.
It’s not just about bringing service back.
And bank managers back
And making banking better.
It’s more than that…much more.
It’s personal.
We believe in the importance of personal attention.
That every customer has a name – not a number.
Whether a shop assistant or the shop owner, miner or manager, seventeen or seventy – everyone’s important, everyone needs and deserves expert banking.
We believe in the importance of personal relationships.
We believe local communities and local businesses are better when they have their own bank manager.
We believe in the power of ownership to make a difference.
We believe in the genuine enthusiasm of the Owner Manager.
We believe in going above and beyond for our customers.
Being there for them - for short term solutions and long term support. At Bank of Queensland, whether you’re servicing customers at the front line or supporting them behind the lines, whether you’re from North Sydney, Subiaco, Southport or South Melbourne, we’re all part of the system that makes it possible to make it personal.
We believe everyone needs a real bank with real people who care about real needs.
For us, it’s personal.

Prior to the external brand launch Brand Council worked with BOQ for almost 2 years developing the internal communications and culture development approach which included the development of the corporate culture, a set of service principles and a bank wide customer experience program. The BOQ philosophy is aligned through all areas of the bank, employees, branch and customer.


  • Increased the rate of new account openings, both personal and business, by 12%.
  • Increased the personal service score across all frontline areas by an incredible 9% year on year (as rated by BOQ customers).
  • Established the position as 'The Bank with Owner Managers' with a No 1 ranking in all markets.
  • Huge gain in net promoter score from 22% in June 2008 to 48% at June 2010.

Internal Communication

External Campaign

Owner managers are at the heart of Bank of Queensland's point of difference. BOQ had a genuinely different story to tell and nothing is more powerful than true stories. Real BOQ people and real BOQ customers.

Industry Accolades