Camp Quality

In 2000 Camp Quality was a sick organisation, critically out of alignment.

Full of committed, caring, well meaning individuals – as a collective it was dysfunctional, lacking direction and down on its knees financially. Morale was low, it struggled to attract support and sponsorship dollars. It was being investigated by the charities commission and was in serious danger of being closed down. Camp Quality was relaunched in 2001 with a new brand strategy and guiding philosophy of ‘Fun Therapy’, and a belief in optimism and the power of positive thinking summed up under the banner of ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

Camp Quality's Guiding Philosophy


The brand makeover which included a new corporate identity, image, manifesto, spirit and approach turned the organisation around and created a change in its fortunes.

They have moved from a loss of $1.5 million in 2000 to revenues over $17 million in 2010. Staff levels have increased 150%, registered volunteers have tripled and the number of families supported has been able to increase from 1,500 to over 5,000.

In a short time it has risen from obscurity to a top 5 most trusted charity. In 2010 it was awarded the PWC Transparency Award for the not for profit sector, and it is listed by Volunteering Australia as one of the top 10 charities to volunteer for. Camp Quality is now an example of ideal alignment of culture, communications, product & programs and end user experience brought together under the ‘Fun Therapy’ philosophy.

Its people truly live the brand.

So much so that corporations now approach Camp Quality for advice and guidance on positive corporate culture creation and development.

Camp Quality is also often held up as an example of the importance of quality and creativity through communications to achieve high levels of awareness and brand presence in the marketplace. Its annual report in 2004 won the Australian Annual Report of the year Award while its 2005 report won the Global Non Profit Organisation Annual Report of the year.

Corporations now lending their support to Camp Quality include Arnotts, Bonds, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tabcorp, McDonalds and Johnson & Johnson.