Love Australian Prawns

Creating a brand identity for Australian prawns


Prawns are a poorly marketed category. A commoditised category where approximately 60% of the product is imported, with the imported product selling at a much lower price than Australian prawns.

Prawns have long been regarded as an expensive, summer, special occasion product with its 2 main eating occasions being Christmas and Easter.

Although a unique iconic Australian product prawns are not top of mind with Australian consumers – People just didn’t think to ‘think’ about prawns. A heavy prawn consumer eats prawns just 4 times a year.

The Goal

Increase value and volume for Australian prawns by increasing desire for and desirability of Australian prawns. Give Australian prawns a special place in the eating habits of Australians



The strategic path forward was not, as marketing opinion suggested, positioning prawns as an everyday meal against other protein sources beef, chicken and lamb, and supported by the positive nutrition story.

The future path was more about a branding presence that focussed on the unique prawn brand essence and the treat yourself / reward yourself dimension that prawns deliver.

People love prawns, they’re special, a genuine treat in a world where there are few genuine treats left.

Consumers didn’t want prawns to be “dumbed down”, to make them ‘everyday’, to lose their specialness, “don’t make them ordinary!”

Prawns are an emotional superfood that fulfil a wide experiential role – It’s about simple, fresh and natural, it’s about simple pleasures, lifting spirits and ‘life’s good’ moments.

What was needed was a compelling emotional position and personality that was capable of capturing the imagination.

The Task

Create and build a distinctive, memorable, iconic brand symbol for Australian prawns.

A brand identity that encapsulates how we want people to think and feel about Australian prawns.

A compelling emotional platform and personality that’s unique to Australian prawns, an image that works in the mind and in the heart to give more presence and prominence to prawns.


Launch the Australian prawn strategy with a merchandising led approach. Be the first to develop and visually dominate the fish monger retail channel.

recipe 1
recipe 2

Research Highlights

The heart symbol works on many levels the net effect being brand creation

  • It creates a simple impactful identity.
  • Its seen as a symbol of quality.
  • It communicates a health message and is seen to be associated with the ‘Heart Tick’
  • It works on a product level – An inviting and enticing taste experience.
  • It works on the emotional level – encapsulating how we feel about prawns.
  • It has personality – It’s seen as fun, engaging and quintessentially Australian.
  • It works on a ‘Buy Australian’ level – Seen as a guarantee of integrity and quality.

It turns the Australian prawn into a brand.