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The Australian Super industry has been in a period of transition and consolidation over the past decade. During this time, the number of industry super funds and corporate funds have fallen from 624 super providers to approximately 300 as funds have merged and grown to meet the future competitive marketplace.

However the marketplace remains over-crowded and convergent with most super funds differentiated by not much more than colour and logo.

In 2013, industry super fund NGS Super had a distinct member profile with a strong focus on teachers, caregivers and community workers. Industry super funds have the advantage of being seen as trusted supporters offering value for money, however the challenge for NGS Super was to separate itself from all the other ‘good guys’ within the crowded Australian Super landscape. It needed to bring its unique difference to life and build a distinct brand.

Brand Strategy and Philosophy

Engaging staff and key stakeholders across the organisation, Brand Council helped NGS Super to articulate its core identity, through exploration of the organisation’s beliefs, values, spirit, purpose, and ultimately its guiding philosophy “Dedicated to the dedicated”.

This philosophy authentically reflects NGS Super’s company culture and its strong connection to members and the work they do. A manifesto was written around this philosophy to make it clear who the company is and what it stands for and to give employees a high benchmark to deliver to.

Brand Transformation

From this philosophy and the supporting brand blueprint, Brand Council briefed and worked with independent creative company, The Twelfth window, to develop a powerful long-term brand idea – ‘NGS Super: For those who understand the true meaning of wealth’. Following this, we worked with design collective, to create a new visual identity strongly reflective of the brand stance and direction. Internal and external communications were then developed, including new advertising, website, social media content, brand book, collateral, member magazine, and internal communications.

NGS Manifesto


Internal Engagement

Internal communications were designed to engage staff and stakeholders with the brand and set clear expectations for delivering the philosophy and promise. A brand book was written to tell NGS’s brand story in a way that would be motivating to both internal and external audiences. Expected brand behaviours were developed in consultation with staff and brought to life in a behaviours book, while new office environment communications and staff merchandise remind staff every day to live and breathe the brand. Brand Council continues to work with NGS Super to develop ongoing internal communications that build meaning and engagement over time.

NGS Brand Book

NGS Office Environment

NGS Advertisements & Collateral

NGS Online