Red Rooster

Red Rooster has been a highly valued and loved brand in Australia for 40 years, but in recent years had lost its way and fallen into the “fast food” trap.

The injection of new leadership and a strong vision for the QSR group opened up the opportunity to re-invent and re-launch the Red Rooster brand to the market. It also provided a much needed opportunity to realign the brand behind a guiding philosophy. A philosophy inspiring enough to forge true alignment of product, staff behaviour, communications, store presentation, right through to the end customer experience.

A new brand strategy was designed to move Red Rooster out of the fast food market and into Real Food, out of the male-dominated ‘deal’ focused youth market and back into the heartland of family meals, and out of unhealthy ‘me to’ positioning into an innovative, exciting, real food company, food with provenance, quality and variety.

To effectively provide a good quality meal solution to families and be a catalyst to bring families together over a quality roast chicken dinner.

The brand strategy and philosophy – collaborative and authentic

TLCRed Rooster’s new brand was developed in a collaborative and engaging manner with input from all key stakeholders, including franchisees, staff and the leadership team. This ensures the brand strategy is authentic, has intended ownership and genuinely comes to life in the marketplace.

Once the business strategy and positioning was finalised, Brand Council briefed and worked with a talented creative agency (Yonder) to develop an overarching brand idea. A brand idea that can work for many years and communicate emotionally, rationally and with both brand and retail messages.

Engaging the internal audience

Red Rooster franchisees are one of the most important stakeholders and their engagement is paramount to the success of the brand. For this reason much of the process was developed to engage with, inspire and motivate the front line team to deliver on the new brand behaviours and bring the brand to life for the consumer. It is an on-going process but one that from re-launch has achieved an upswing in compliments from the consumer.

red rooster manifesto

The brand consumer launch – two stages


Launch campaign to remind people that Red Rooster chickens are quality roast chicken, served fresh from the oven and not kept in plastic bags. Designed to disrupt, de-commoditise and re-establish the quality message in the market and allow a straight talking rational message to communicate prior to the more emotional brand launch communication.


Brand campaign to re-engage with the family segment. Remind the audience of the enjoyment of getting the family together with quality food as the catalyst to engaging with each other.

The campaign included TV and cinema, outdoor, POS, environmental, experiential and packaging – all designed to be flexible and work within the large variety of current store environments.

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