The Corporate Manifesto vs The Mission Statement

A good corporate manifesto captures the guiding philosophy of the organisation. The heart and spirit of the company, the beliefs and values of the company, and the aspirations of the company – all in an imaginative and inspiring way.

Whereas mission statements are unmemorable and invisible, manifestos have energy, they make a declaration, take a stance, and stand for something important.

Where mission and vision statements are corporate and cold, a manifesto asks for consideration, commitment and contribution – it asks people to join in whether employee, stakeholder, supplier or customer.

Mission and vision statements are written for the boardroom – manifestos are written with the employee and customer in mind and at heart.

A good corporate manifesto becomes a blueprint for exemplar attitudes and actions, and is a constant reminder of the need to ‘walk the talk’. It makes it clear to everyone who you are, what you stand for, what you do and why you do it. Little wonder…manifesto in Latin translates to ‘clear and evident’.

Corporate manifestos are powerful. At Brand Council, we write one for each and every client. Here are a few examples.


First State Super
Dulux Group
Red Rooster
ngs Super
Ash Street Partners
Bank of Queensland
St. Andrew's Cathedral School
NRMA Insurance
Careers Australia
Southern Phone
Bronson & Jabobs