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Breathing new life into a sick charity:

Camp Quality

In 2000, Camp Quality was a struggling organisation, full of committed, caring, well-meaning individuals, but lacking direction and dealing with financial issues.  Morale was low and it wasn’t attracting donor support or corporate sponsorship dollars.

Brand Council was engaged to undertake a detailed analysis of Camp Quality’s brand and category and to develop a new brand architecture that would engage internal and external stakeholders.  The brand purpose, guiding philosophy, values, and spirit were developed through the consultative process, which further facilitated the update of the visual identity to refresh the Camp Quality brand for the current market.

Camp Quality Brand Case Study
Camp Quality Brand Case Study

Camp Quality’s financial turnaround has been remarkable, from a $1.5 million loss in 2000 to revenues in excess of $22 million in 2016.  Staff levels have increased, registered volunteers tripled, and the number of families supported has increased from 1,500 to over 5,000.  From near obscurity to a top 5 most trusted charity, Camp Quality received the PwC Transparency Award for the not-for-profit sector and was one of Volunteering Australia’s Top Ten Best Charities, and now has a suite of respected corporate sponsors.

Brand Purpose

To improve the quality of living for children with cancer and their families via unrelenting optimism

Guiding Philosophy

Fun Therapy

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