Fire and Rescue NSW

Suffering from a lack of community & stakeholder understanding.

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Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) needed to be known as far more than property-based protectors — they needed a perception shift that would educate the public, unite their diverse workforce, and better serve the community.

Suffering from a lack of community & stakeholder understanding

FRNSW is one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services and is the busiest in Australia. However, the awareness and perceived value of the services FRNSW delivered to the community did not match the reality of important work they did 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Externally, there was a misunderstanding among the public and stakeholders about the role and purpose of FRNSW, while internally, staff had low engagement and no common purpose.

FRNSW had become much more than its traditional ‘fire service’ roots — it was about fire, rescue, hazmat, terrorist & emergency response, prevention & education, and so much more.

They deserved to be known for all the work they do.


Fire and Rescue NSW

Sparking a new aligned spirit

We conducted extensive research with the NSW community and staff, as well as stakeholder and Union consultation, and workshops across FRNSW to collaboratively define it’s ideal brand beliefs, spirit, strategy, and purpose.

A misinformed public perception, and a clear lack of common purpose, provided FRNSW the opportunity to re-evaluate how best they could serve the NSW community today and into the future. FRNSW desperately needed internal and external stakeholders to understand what they do, why they do it, and what they are working on for the future.

Achieving Union endorsement of the strategy, as communicated in the Fire Brigade Employees Union SITREP newsletter, was a vital step in the process. Firefighters agreed the perception of FRNSW and its members by the public, media and government was important and they had a desire to be known as the modern fire and rescue agency they had become.

Fire & Rescue NSW Case Study

Becoming known for protecting the irreplaceable

Brand Council provided the spark needed to develop and share the brand purpose, values, key messaging, Plus Plan format, team and stakeholder engagement, and communications materials.

The result? Improved representation of FRNSW in the media helping build the awareness and value that FRNSW provides the NSW community around the clock. A diverse workforce engaged and brought together under a common purpose in a real and tangible way, a strengthened position and public awareness among external audiences, to move FRNSW into the future.

“Brand Council has been instrumental in developing the DuluxGroup core purpose. They methodically and strategically worked across all levels of the organisation to capture – who we are; what we stand for; and why we do what we do – into a unifying core purpose ‘Imagine a Better Place’. The true test of their work is that, almost a decade later, our Core Purpose has endured, strengthened and is ingrained into the psyche at all levels of the organisation.”

Pat Houlihan | CEO & Chairman DuluxGroup, Chairman MCRI

"Brand Council have helped us clarify our brand architecture, reinvent Hard Yakka and KingGee, and provided strategic guidance on two additional brands. This has resulted in significant tangible results for our business. We enjoy working with Trudi and Peta and value their opinion and expertise."

Doug Swan | Group General Manager Workwear Group

"The key to Brand Council’s success is their process. They took the time to understand the market in which we operate, where we wanted to position the fund, and what we needed to do to reach that position. In this way, Brand Council encouraged us to discover our brand by finding and telling our own story. The most important element in Brand Council’s process is proof. They have not made any recommendations without evidence. Brand Council are genuine partners on the ‘brand journey’."

Michael Dwyer AM | Former CEO First State Super, Chairman UNHCR, Board Director

"Together they are a great team who are hands on, taking full responsibility for the work – it is rare to find an agency as experienced and professional who will actually get in and do the work at grass roots level themselves."

Alison Brink | Goodman Group GM Marketing & Communications

"The work Brand Council have done to engage staff across the agency, distil and define a clear and motivating brand purpose, and then help to communicate and inculcate that purpose internally has been invaluable."

Commissioner Paul Baxter | Fire and Rescue NSW

"Over many years, Brand Council have led three brand strategy projects for Redkite. What has been consistent throughout is a highly effective approach to brand strategy and a level of care and passion that you don’t often see. Trudi has become part of the fabric of our organisation and a trusted adviser. She puts her heart into making the Redkite brand what it needs to be so that no family faces their child’s cancer alone."

Monique Keighery | Chief Executive Officer, Redkite

"Our staff’s enthusiasm, energy and ideas have been amazing. We have a single set of Beliefs, Values and one common Purpose – and it’s all come directly from our staff."

Andrew Richardson | Aruma CEO

"Brand Council has continued to work with us in an ongoing capacity to define the purpose strategy for our individual businesses, including Selleys, B&D, Lincoln Sentry and Yates. They are a trusted advisor and provide sound counsel."

Pat Houlihan | Chairman and CEO DuluxGroup, Chairman MCRI

"I have been the leading executive on a number of engagements with Brand Council including IAG, BOQ & AIM. I subscribe to Brand Council’s philosophy that alignment between the brand message and brand experience is essential for business success. It is through their refined process that I have seen the cultural and behavioural change required to not only ensure this alignment is possible, but more importantly that it is implemented. I am pleased to endorse the people and process at Brand Council and commend them to any business looking to re-engage staff and customers."

Daniel Musson | CEO and C-suite client at BOQ, IAG & AIM