Case study

Australia’s first national campaign for a seafood category:

Love Australian Prawns®

The Australian Prawn industry is worth close to $400 million annually. Despite this, prawns were a poorly marketed, commoditised category where approximately 60% of the product is imported; and the imported product sells at a much lower price than Australian prawns.

Although an iconic Australian product, prawns were not top of mind with Australian consumers. Prawns have long been regarded as an expensive, Summer, special occasion product with its two main eating occasions being Christmas and Easter – heavy prawn consumers eat prawns just four times a year. There was a need to increase value and volume for Australian prawns by increasing their desirability and consumption occasions.

Brand Council was engaged by the Australian Prawn Industry to give Australian prawns a special place in the eating habits of Australians, and in doing so align the wild catch and farmed prawn industries behind a common purpose. This was the first time the industry has united behind, and funded, a national campaign.

Brand Council developed the brand strategy, iconic brand symbol for Australian prawns ‘Love Australian Prawns’ and the launch campaign. This brand identity encapsulates a compelling emotional platform and personality that’s unique to Australian prawns.

As a result, the Australian Prawn Industry is now a unified industry.
There is strong engagement with retailers, pricing has become more representative of the high-quality product and consumers are aware of Australian vs international prawns.

“CRC participant, The University of the Sunshine Coast evaluated the first year of the campaign and found that retailers and wholesalers consistently claimed that it increased sales volume by 30-50 percent, with prices remaining strong.”

– One CRC book, published by the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre –

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Learn more about how we can help transform your organisation