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Global holding company now united behind Purpose and Business Philosophy:

Nippon Paint Group

How do you ensure continued global expansion and momentum when you’re already one of the very best? Nippon Paint Group (NPG) operates in 29 countries, is number one in Japan, Asia, Turkey, and Australia, and continues to grow year on year. This year NPG celebrates its 140th anniversary with their 34,000 employees.

NPG has a corporate tradition of confronting and solving social issues by developing innovative paint and coating technologies. Recent innovations include paints that can keep buildings cooler, coatings that reduce emissions within the shipping sector, nano technology in automobile paint, and surface coatings that can reduce the spread of disease.

Nippon Paint Group Philosophy
Nippon Paint Group Science Imagination

The NPG partner companies include Nippon Paint, NIPSEA, DuluxGroup, Dunn-Edwards and Batek Boya.

Brand Council was selected to lead the purpose strategy project – developing the strategic approach, the group Purpose and the Business Philosophy. This project utilised Brand Council’s proprietary diagnostic research tools and purpose workshops, extensive collaboration and engagement with the global leadership teams, and development of the final purpose and strategy.

The NPG purpose “Enriching our living world through the power of Science + Imagination” now serves as a guiding philosophy to bind the group together.

This purpose expresses the commitment to making our world better and more sustainable by using technological strengths to tackle social challenges and to contribute to increasing wealth in society.

The Business Philosophy developed with the purpose statement brings alignment and focus to the partner companies.

Nippon Paint Group Philosophy
Nippon Paint Group Prosper Together

“This global understanding of who we are as a group will allow us to become a truly exceptional company, committed to contributing value to society beyond achieving revenue and sales targets.”

President and CEO Nippon Paint Group. Midterm speech, March 2021

The strategy development approach included a rigorous and engaging research and development process, collaborating as a team to define what is at the core of the united group and understanding what has made NPG so successful over the last 140 years, including the genuine commitment to the betterment of society.

The process has been smooth, swift, and highly engaging, commencing in October 2020. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, the commitment by the global NPG project and leadership team has been an impressive and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Nippon Paint Group Purpose

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